Session 3: Liz Losh


Liz Losh has undertaken work involving both the social media trends of hashtags and selfies. Losh talks of the roles these online formats can have in the emotions and consequences of social media. Losh undertook research to discover the use of hashtags by activist groups in India to manage and direct a social movement around the treatment of women Link. Losh’s work on selfies regarded the effect that they can have on feminism, how they are commonly misunderstood, and the social influences selfies can have Link.


These ideas can be related back to Losh’s edu8213 talk, as they incorporate the notion of bringing the emotion of social media and our online lives into our education. Losh details how the future of teaching, to her, will come to more closely represent the emotional lives we live outside of the classroom, for it is through emotion, creativity and interest that we learn. Losh describes our current view of the computer as a calculator, not a communication device – and therefore measure learning in numerical dynamics. Leading us to quantify student output in a way that does not represent the learning process. However, bringing topics that forge emotion and creativity into education can be difficult, for example politics is a sticky subject for teachers.

Online syllabuses have demonstrated to Losh a platform where the spheres of education and our online emotional lives came together to promote learning. When academics and the public have entered into discussion about subjects such as Brexit, shootings, and even music videos. The blend of emotion and interest in topics with academic or expert inisight can result in learning in a medium we would not usually expect, for example on Twitter using hashtags.

Overall, Losh seems to be musing if these overlaps can be deliberately used in education, even if not brought directly into the classroom. When academic learning and interest for topics and genuine emotion come together, learning can happen.


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